California Based


Greencore is committed to finding ways to improve the use of resources in the most efficient way to reduce carbon footprint.

Oceanside, CA

Copperwood Business Park
140,942 SF

Copperwood has 60+ tenants in 8 buildings and has drought tolerant landscape and white cool roofs on 6 of the 8 buildings. Greencore is currently looking to retrofit exterior lighting with new LED and potentially add a solar array to pay for the common area electricity.

Vista, CA

2420 Grand Avenue
36,962 SF

2420 Grand has 16 industrial units and features a new white cool roof, new efficient HVAC units and new LED lighting on for several renovated units and on the exterior lights for the project.

San Clemente, CA

1050 Calle Amanecer
18,495 SF

1050 Calle Amanecer has 4 industrial units and features new drought tolerant landscape. As old systems needed to be replaced, Greencore installed several new higher efficiency HVAC units to lowering electricity consumption for the tenants.

Irvine, CA

300-320 Goddard Way
48,167 SF

300-320 Goddard Way is a three building office complex in the Irvine Spectrum. The partnership created a parcel map to be able to sell the buildings individually . To date, ownership has successfully sold off 2 of the 3 buildings to owner-users and the last building will be sold as a leased investment. 320 Goddard features 2nd floor and lobby LED lighting retrofit along with drought tolerant landscape and drip irrigation.

Irvine, CA

9838 Research Drive
9,900 SF

9838 Research Drive is the office for Lee & Associates, Irvine. Kurt worked to syndicate the purchase of this building in 2015 and oversaw the full renovation of the interior for Lee & Associates. This building features a 40 KW solar array on the roof and LED lighting retrofit throughout the interior lowering operating costs and saving on electricity expenses.