We strive for sustainability across all our properties

Greencore will look for opportunities to invest in solar,  battery storage and potentially EV charging stations at its properties to reduce electricity costs and improve the bottom line.    Lee & Associates has a 40 KW array on the roof (above) and the energy generated pays for roughly 40% of the annual electricity consumption for the company.


Lowered Water Cost


Reduced Electricity

Doing Our Part

Our Other Sustainable Practices

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Greencore is committed to finding ways to improve the use of resources in the most efficient way to reduce carbon footprint of the properties in its portfolio. In this office space we implemented new LED lighting throughout the space to conserve on electricity costs for the tenant.

Drought Tolerant Landscape

As an example, Greencore received a turf-rebate from a water district and invested in new drip irrigation and drought tolerant landscape at a property in San Clemente and lowered water costs by over 30%. Drought-tolerant landscape that will thrive in California.

White Cool Roofs

Renovating  and replacing old roofs with White Cool Roofs and new skylights helps reduce operating costs and creates value. These white roofs reflect the sunlight and heat which provides a cooler operating environment for tenants and saves on electricity to run the HVAC systems.